31 Days

Okay, I’ll start by saying, it’s the curiosity to discover true human potential that has led me to take on a new endeavor. I don’t know what’s on the other side of this, but after much contemplation, on October 4th I resolved to doing it! Here it is.

The goal is to complete the following within 31 days:

* Take only cold showers

* Apply effective eating habits 

* Climb 3,100 floors/stairmaster

* 3,100 Push ups

* 1,500 Dips

* 465 Pull ups

* 1,395 Sit ups 

* 15.5 Hours/Running

* 8 Hours/Swimming 

* Write 6 new trio arrangements 

Darwin Noguera
Winning and losing

I was in the studio this week, finishing up my new single. We recorded in New York at my boy ADan Perez Alletone Studios and at Vijay Iyer’s studio in Chicago. It’s an original composition, but I can’t give you the title just yet. I know the title, I’m just not gonna disclose that information at this particular time.

Monday was dope, I played at the Whistler in Logan sq with drummer Quin Kirchner, and bassist Matt Ullery. We got into some hard grooves, from UMMG, to Speak No Evil, and the gorgeous Falling Grace. We had a full house, elbow room only crowd on a Monday night. It reminded me of the uptown jam at Smoke Jazz Club in NYC. Good vibes.

On Tuesday. I played with Carolyn Fitzhugh Quartet. We performed at the Museum of Contemporary Arts’ Music Series. I was excited to see so many people there. The last time I attended this series was before moving to NY, in 2008-09. And this is a full blown operation, with food, drinks and ample space to sit. Some were right by the stage and others doing their picnic thing on the grass. It was nice. I’m grateful to be working with Carolyn, we are closing out the month at the Chicago Jazz Fest.

Tonight is Friday, and I had a private concert with my quartet for my son’s school annual picnic. Later, I closed out the night playing one of my favorite games, pool. We were on a winning streak ladies and gentlemen. My eyes locked in to hers, with an incredible energy between us, and I was truly intrigued by her, and her circumference. I took my shot and scratched on the 8 ball. Here’s my philosophy on winning and losing a game of pool. Some make it in and some don’t. Why? I don’t know, it just is.

Darwin Noguera
Chicago Jazz Festival

Hello all, this month has shaped up quite nice with many musical encounters. I’ll be at the Honky Tonk in Pilsen, Music Fest in ottowa with a band callled Bopology, playing with Angel Rodriguez Orchestra, who is an in demand director for high tier traveling artists, and lastly the Chicago Jazz Festival. I haven’t played this fest since my band opened up for Roy Hanes at Millennium Pk in 2012. I’m feeling so grateful for all these things manifesting in my life. I remember as a kid, just wanting to play with the guys on the stage, they were so good. My dad took me to see one of the Godfather’s of Latin bass, Cacho Lopez in Miami. Paquito Chavarría was on piano, Pichu on trumpet. I’ll forever remember how hard that band swung. And while I’m the subject of swinging I didn’t always have a good swing on Latin music. I’ve come to realize, now I do.

If you would like to come to any of my shows, they are open to the public. All details are on my Dates section on the website. Love you all and be blessed.

Darwin Noguera
Upcoming Events

This week in New York, I’ll be playing at Fabretto’s Children’s Organization’s gala and fundraiser. They are based in Nicaragua and are deeply involved in restoring Managua’s communities through education and job opportunities. I am honored to be a part of this event. On Friday, I reunite with a good friend and colleague Victor Rosso Group and Saturday with the Bobby Sanabria Multiverse Bigband at Hostos College.

I’m thrilled to share I’m currently in the studio, recording my sophomore album as a leader with a new trio, which consists of John Benitez on bass and Marvin Diz on congas, and special surprise guest stars. We are cooking something good for you, and can’t wait till you hear it. I have arranged Stevie Wonder’s music with a Latin tinge.

Today, the Multiverse Bigband received news our recording won Record of the Year from the Jazz Journal Association. This is a huge accomplishment, and I’m happy to be a part of this recording, the “West Side Story Reimagined” project which is led by master percussionist Bobby Sanabria.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to performing at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra space with my Latin jazz group from Chicago called CALJE on May 24th. This is a highlight this year so far and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Stay connected for more news!

Darwin Noguera

Childhood dreams, they do come true and I couldn't be more grateful for what I’m about to share. Our recording, “West Side Story Reimagined” by the Bobby Sanabria Multiverse Bigband has been nominated in the 2019 Grammy Awards for Best Latin Jazz Album of the Year! This is an incredible honor and I want to thank God first and foremost for blessing me with the gift of music, my parents, brothers, family here and around the world, music teachers I’ve had throughout my development as a pianist, colleagues and friends. Now, let’s bring it home.

Darwin Noguera