Tel Aviv, Israel Reflection

We just returned from Tel Aviv, Israel, and I must say it was fun, and way too short of a trip. Bobby Sanabria took us to play at the Ashdod Super Jazz Festival where I met some amazing people from all over the world. What I took away from this trip, after some insightful conversations with other musicians, is that we are all different and the same. We have similar struggles, aspirations and we agreed that what should unite us as a species is our humanness. This concept resonated within all of us at a deep level because we see so much violence, pain and injustice all around the world.

Aside from being gifted with music, at the end of the day,  music is another lens through which we can perceive life as human beings and how beautiful it is to witness the power it has to bring people together. This reminds me of one of my favorite McCoy Tyner and Burt Bacharach albums, “What the World Needs Now”, with jazz trio and symphony orchestra. There is some great music on here, you should check it out sometime.

Darwin Noguera