Chicago Jazz Festival

Hello all, this month has shaped up quite nice with many musical encounters. I’ll be at the Honky Tonk in Pilsen, Music Fest in ottowa with a band callled Bopology, playing with Angel Rodriguez Orchestra, who is an in demand director for high tier traveling artists, and lastly the Chicago Jazz Festival. I haven’t played this fest since my band opened up for Roy Hanes at Millennium Pk in 2012. I’m feeling so grateful for all these things manifesting in my life. I remember as a kid, just wanting to play with the guys on the stage, they were so good. My dad took me to see one of the Godfather’s of Latin bass, Cacho Lopez in Miami. Paquito Chavarría was on piano, Pichu on trumpet. I’ll forever remember how hard that band swung. And while I’m the subject of swinging I didn’t always have a good swing on Latin music. I’ve come to realize, now I do.

If you would like to come to any of my shows, they are open to the public. All details are on my Dates section on the website. Love you all and be blessed.

Darwin Noguera